1920s-30s, John York, Champion Outseam Playground Ball, No. 60, 9", 3.25 oz., horsehide, rare type - $90

Early - Mid 50s - Spalding, Official Connie Mack League, No.154, Amer. Legion, George Bellis w box - $65

Late 30's-Early 40's - J. de Beer, American League, No. 63, cork and rubber center, bold 'throwing man' logo - SOLD

1931 and 1932 Rabbit Warstler Official American League William Harridge Stat Baseballs

Rabbit Warstler enjoyed an eleven year big league career from 1930 through 1940.  He was a starting middle infielder for the Red Sox in the early 30's, Philadelphia Athletics in the mid 30's and the Boston Bees in the late 30's.  Connie Mack called him the best defensive player in the American League and The Sporting News described his fielding as "demonic" and "magical".  He led the league in assists at the shortstop position in 1937 with the Bees.  But perhaps Warstler's biggest claim to fame was his selection to Connie Mack's famous All-Star team which toured Japan in 1934 featuring Babe Ruth as the main attraction.

These are Rabbit Warstler's personal 'stat' baseballs.  They were passed down to a family member when Rabbit passed away in 1964 and subsequently auctioned by the family estate in 2015.  This model of William Harridge Official American League Ball was used in all AL games in 1931-1932.  The blue William Harridge presidential stamp on the east panel indicates that these balls were designated for actual professional game use (commercial baseballs were stamped in red ink or not at all).  Warstler carefully inscribed these with his key statistics from his 1931 and 1932 Red Sox seasons, no doubt to keep as a personal memento of his achievements.  The balls bear the attractive blue and red stitching characteristic of American League baseballs manufactured before 1934.  A very rare find.  Price for the pair - $1,000.

c. 1960 - Rawlings, Official League, No.R1, mint sealed in box - $60

1913-1917 Reach Official American League Baseball

This Reach Official American League Baseball was made in the days of the Miracle Braves' sweep of the Philadelphia A's 4-0 in the 1914 World Series, when Ty Cobb blew past 2,000 hits on his way to 4,189 for his career, and when a young rookie by the name of Babe Ruth was just getting started.  

This ball, the same type as used in all American 

League games, comes from a time when one baseball might

be used for an entire game and fans who caught foul

balls were required to return them to the umpire or

face criminal prosecution.  As you would imagine, very

few survive today.  Accompanying the ball is it's original

box.  Both ball and box have sustained some areas of

heavy wear through the years. It is remarkable that they

exist at all.  The ball retains very bold stampings and

excellent eye appeal.  A rare offering.  Price - SOLD


Featured Baseballs

early to mid 50s - Wilson, Pacific Coast League, W150CC A1010, mint sealed in box - SOLD

Harwood, Boss, imitation leather, 8 1/2" 4 oz. - $165

1966-73 - J. de Beer, Official League, No.95C, Haiti, w box - $30

1 9 5 0


mid 50s - Wilson, Official Pony League, A1076, cushioned cork center, sealed in box - $45

1940s - Wilson, Official League, No.1034, w box & label - $75

early to mid 50s - Wilson, Official American Association, W150CC A1010, mint sealed in box - SOLD

Spalding - Official Mexican League (Liga Oficial), Jit No.1, toned, rare - $120

1930s, Wilson, Playground Ball, No. HO522, 12", unused with box - $85

All Vintage Baseballs come with a protective plastic cube.  Shipping & Handling is $3.95 per ball.  For additional pictures or information, email MajorLeagueHistory@gmail.com.  Click on the images for larger pictures.

c. 1917, Goldsmith, National League Ball, No. 83, awesome WWI Era ball.  By 1917 Goldsmith had stopped "Fully Guaranteeing" and guaranteed by Inning instead on most models.  The arched 'Horse Hide Cover' logo also dates this ball to pre-1919.   Ads at left are 1915 and 1919 Official League. - SOLD

c. 1976 - Spalding, Official League, 41-137, Haiti, sealed in box - $30

1930s - Lowe & Campbell, Official League Ball, No. OW, horsehide, cork center, stained - $70

Worth, Official League, 91-CC, w box - $35

Early 1910s - Harwood, Harwood's National League Double Cover Ball, ONC, 9", 5oz., Fully Warranted.  The ad at left is for a 1921 model.  This one is older, circa 1911.  Red-green stitching - SOLD

1 9 6 0 s

late 60s - early 70s - Foremost, Mel Stottlemyre Special League, No.6622, horsehide, in original packaging - $40

1910 - Reach, Official American League, One-year type.  The first to display a patent date.  This particular example is a trophy ball used September 8, 1911 at the Mauston County fair.  The Mauston player names and positions are written on the west panel, the date and score are on the north panel.  An extremely rare pre-cork center dead ball - SOLD.

Mid 50s - Rawlings, ATOM Ball, Official Khoury League, great colors, one of my favorites, not for sale - NFS

Late 1940s - 50s - Wilson, Ted Williams Autograph League, No.A1080, EX - $175

1954 Wilson Official Little League Carl E Stotz Baseball

Carl Stotz, an unemployed lumberyard clerk, drew up the dimensions of the first Little League field, hand-carved its home plate, served as Little League Baseball Inc.'s first commissioner, its chief missionary, traveling the world to spread the faith.  And in 1955, for all his trouble, he was excommunicated.

He was barred from Little League's headquarters by sheriff's deputies. The corporate executives who took over administration of Little League Baseball Inc. wrote him out of all the official histories. They also severed relations with the Original League, the very first Little League, which Stotz continued to run on the same field where it all began in 1939.  Today over 3 million youths worldwide play Little League baseball.  For the complete fascinating story of Carl Stotz, click here.

This Carl E. Stotz Wilson A1074 model baseball dates to about 1954.  It is in near mint, unused condition with its original near mint box and even the original tissue paper.  From the early years of the Little League.  SOLD

late 60s - early 70s - Wiffle Ball, Regulation Baseball Size, plastic, Pete Rose & Jerry Koosman box - $25

Early - Mid 50s - Spalding, Official Connie Mack League, No.154, cushioned cork center, w box - SOLD

mid 50s - Wilson, Official League, A1084, cork and rubber center, w box - $40

Early - Mid 50s - Tober, International League, No.160, rubber center, Manchester, Conn. - $45

1958 - Dudley Sports Co., Official League Ball, A-9R, cord rubber hide, cork rubber center, w original wrapping - $30


1944 - Rawlings - Official League - No. R1, signed and dated on the west panel by Bob Feller 8/24/44.  Also a second very faint Feller signature on the south panel dated 1954 - SOLD

Vintage Baseballs

c. 1918 - Reach, Scout League, No. 9B, waterproof imitation leather, 8", 3.75 oz., bold logos - $275

c. 1947 - J. de Beer Anchor Brand, Big Leaguer, No.60, rubber cover, stitches are painted on. Patent 1941 trademark dates it to about 47' - $50

1910s - Spalding, Boys Favorite, No.12, imitation leather, 8", 3.75 oz. - $265

c. 1924 - Goldsmith, Official League Ball, No. 97, red-black stitches, guaranteed 18 innings - SOLD

Late 1940s - Early 50s - Wilson, Ted Williams Speed Ball, No.A1282, worn / faded 'Ted Willams' side panel - $100

1935 Wilson Umpire Signed Pacific Coast League Baseball

Beautiful Wilson Pacific Coast League official baseball, with all stampings visible including the discus thrower on the north panel, PCL president H. Baggerly's facsimile signature on the east panel, and the "United States Patent No. 17200" mark on the west panel..  The ball carries several inscriptions and signatures, and has been coated with shellac, the likely reason the stampings and signatures have been so well-preserved.

Inscribed on the baseball's sweet spot is "To Erma From Umpire H.N. Fanning, Season 1935."  Applied to the South panel is the signature and inscription "Paul Genshler Umpire 1935."  Written in blue ink on the west panel is, simply, "Seattle, Wash.".  A wonderful piece of early PCL history.  Price - $250

Late 40s - Early 50s - Wilson, Official League Lefty Gomez, No.A1084, w box - $150

Pristine 1946 -1951 Ford C. Frick Spalding Miniature Baseball

Shown alongside a full sized ball for reference to size, this 1946-1951 miniature model is perhaps one of the finest in existence. Sometimes referred to as a 'salesman sample', this 2.5 ounce half-sized version was more likely manufactured as a collectible replica of the full sized ball.  These minis, much more rare to begin with, were usually played with and are almost never found in this near mint condition.  A true gem.  - SOLD.

Daignault Rolland Co, Official Little League, XJ, cushioned cork, w box, Canada - SOLD

Mid 50s, Rawlings, Official League, R1, bold logos, w box - $85

1947-48 - Spalding - Official National League, Ford Frick, US Military, strong logos, marked 'U.S.' on north panel - $325

1940s - Worth, Worth Special, No.83-1, 8 1/2", 3.5oz., durohide cover, a nice example - $80

Don Larsen Autograph, Major League, No.982, alum tanned leather cover, sealed in original plastic - $45

1950s - Idaho Sporting Goods Co., Boise, Idaho, Official League, No.CC2, horsehide cover, w/ box - NFS

1974 - MacGregor - Hank Aaron, 715, with box, made to commemorate Hammerin' Hank's historic home run - $40

1969 - Rawlings, Tony Conigliaro Official, AB, facsmile sigs Billy Williams, Bench, Reggie, etc, Haiti - $35

1951 - MacGregor Goldsmith, Ralph Kiner Official League, B62, $75

1965 - J. de Beer, Official League Ball, No.95, Reds souvenir facsimile team signed, pete rose, tony perez, etc - $45

1936 - 46 Spalding, Official National League, No.1, box only - $55

1952 - J. de Beer Anchor Brand, Semi-Pro League - SOLD

​​Major League History

1954 - J.H. Grady Mfg. Co, Official League, No. OL, signed by a Guantanamo Bay military All-Star team - $85

late 50s - Rawlings, Official League, No.RO, cushioned cork center, w box - $40

1920s-30s - J. de Beer Anchor Brand, Big Leaguer, No.56, 9", horsehide, bold logos - $90

1932 Goldsmith Catalog

1930s - Worth, Faultless, No. 73-1, imitation leather, 8 1/2", 4.25 oz. - $175

1948-50 - Wilson, Bob Feller Fireball, No. BF2, sealed in its original box with Bob Feller label, extremely rare - NFS

1974-78 - Wilson, Oficial Pacific Coast League, Roy Jackson Pres., A1010, w/ box - $30

Andia Progress, Official League, No.108, horsehide, pressure molded, Haiti, rare type - $40.


1960 - Harwood, Official Continental League, No.90, unused w/ box - $55

1950s - Olson's Sporting Goods, Sioux City, IA, Little League, No.OC-L, attractive display box w label - $75

1931 - Wilson, Pacific Coast League, W150, guaranteed for 36 innings, signed by San Fran. Seals - SOLD

1920s Reach "Bounder" Baseball

Baseballs of the early 20th century were often given colorful names to appeal to kids such as Cock of the Walk, Sky Rocket, Dandy or this Bounder baseball.  The Bounder model was produced from 1901 through the mid 1930's.  The ad shown is from 1928,  a model very similar to this 8 inch 4 oz. ball.  

Price - $110.

Official, Minor League Ball, No. 88, 8 1/2", made in Jamaica, sealed in original plastic - $30

Worth, Official Cork Ball, a popular 1950s game played in the streets of St. Louis and other big cities, this little 1.7 oz., 6 1/2" ball would have been used in such a game - $35

1950s - Bechtel's Sport Shop, Pottstown, PA, Official League, No.100, w box - SOLD

c. 1953 - Wilson, Official American Association Bruce Dudley Pres. w box - $75

1935-36 - Reach, Mickey Cochrane Amateur Ball, No MC82, rubber center, signed on the sweet spot by Charlie Gehringer w JSA LOA #Z76056, bold logos - SOLD

1964 - Gillette, Official Gillette League, World Series Special, facsimile sigs Kaline, Aparicio, Killebrew etc, in original mailer - $65

1939 - 42 - Draper & Maynard, Official League Ball, No.200C, para-cork center, with box, ad left is 1939 - SOLD

c. 1976 - Spalding, NO. 0, Official Major League Specifications, 41-311, sealed in box - $30

1932 Goldsmith BOYS PIC NIC BALL

Circa 1932, vintage Goldsmith Boys Pic-Nic Baseball.  Boys sized 2.5 oz, 8 1/4 inch.  Bold model stamping.  Light Goldsmith logo on north panel.  - $165